Boycott TESCO

Vote “No!” to spychips by withholding your shopping money from Tesco.

If you must still shop at Tesco, reduce your purchases.

After all, every little helps.

Tell TESCO How You Feel

Call or write Tesco to tell them you won't tolerate being spied on by their products.

Click here for contact information

Here is a flyer you can print out and give to your Tesco manager


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Register your opposition to retail surveillance and support our activities by joining CASPIAN. There is no membership fee, and you can sign up anonymously if you wish.

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Visit our sister organization, NoTags, based in the UK. (See also, Spy.org.)

Contact Your Lawmakers

The Honorable Mr. Tom Watson Esq., Labor MP for West Bromwich East, has taken a keen interest in protecting citizens from RFID abuses. He is known as the “blogging MP” because he keeps in touch with constituents via his website threaded discussion.

Find and contact your MP by email

This is a free service that identifies MPs alphabetically, and provides their email addresses and websites.

FAX your MP

Identify your MP based on your zip code, then send them a fax for free.


Shop Responsibly

  • Purchase products from companies that do not monitor shoppers

  • Make a decision not to support harmful corporate practices with your hard-earned shopping money

  • Be consistent and courageous about your decision

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